Thursday, October 28, 2010

Delayed Rumor Mill (10/20-10/28)

Sorry sorry! I wasn't even home like all day yesterday. I got a new job and then the Cavs home opener was yesterday so I had to be at the bar... and WE WON AGAINST THE CELTICS, BOOYAH.


My apologies.

*Jeff Hardy is a daddy. Via twitter I wish the best of luck to that little girl

*Several more TNA stars' contracts are expiring soon. Including one Eric Young, but they say he will re-sign. I guess we will see.

*Speaking of Eric Young, does anyone remember the whole Hulk Hogan fake twitter debacle from a few months back? It started out with a twitter account that was supposedly Hulk Hogan (@RealHulkHogan) or something to that effect, and then it was hacked or something and started tweeting all this anti-TNA stuff. Then there were two new twitter accounts, @TNAnonymous and @TNAngry. It was pretty intense for a while. Then it all stopped. Well, the other day the fake Hogan twitter was back, tweeting this extremely interesting article and then announced he was selling the twitter. Not too long after THAT, the @TNAnonymous account started back up. Also saying some interesting things. So in short, is @TNAnonymous really a member of TNA or is it a hack? The person writing sounds really sincere and doesn't read like your average hacker. So I don't know. Like most things, I want to believe.

* WWE signs Vickie and Eddie Guerrero's daughter. She is GORGEOUS. Wow.

*Taylor Wilde announces her engagement. 

*TNA sources have confirmed that Team 3D have been signed to new, multi-year contracts. Ask me how I feel about this -_________- Not that I don't like Team 3D I'm just convinced it means the Guns are dropping the belts to them at Victory Road, and THAT pisses me off.

*Hernandez's contract expires next month.

*Taker's injured again. Rumor has it he needs surgery and would be out for at least until next year. Speaking of the Undertaker, I don't understand why he had that staredown with Brock Lesnar after his epic four minute loss on UFC the other night. Maybe Taker bet on him and is pissed he lost his money! xD

*Hulk Hogan has ANOTHER reality show in the works on A&E. Premiers Wednesday November 17th. Woo.

*Speaking of Hogan, he's talking about the direction of TNA again. WHATEVER. GO AWAY. THAT WOULD BE A GOOD DIRECTION.

I believe that's all ladies and gentlemen. Apologies if I missed anything. Feel free to discuss!

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