Monday, November 1, 2010

ROH recap -- 11/1/10

*Eddie Edwards vs Rhett Titus for the TV Championship
*Sara Del Rey vs that Summerlyn chick
*Kevin Steen and Steve Corino vs El Generico and Colt Cabana, steel cage match

Starts out straight away with Eddie Edwards, perfect. Good opening match. But I mean, I love Eddie Edwards, so whenever he's on my screen I'm happy and can't complain. At some point Eddie got split over the eyebrow, not quite sure when or how that happened, and then it seemed like he injured his arm also, he was holding it very stiff to his side for the last few minutes of the match. But he still manged to pull off a belly-to-belly suplex and throw Rhett out of the ring, then dive between the ropes onto him. That looked like a nasty landing too. Eddie still managed to get the win though, but hurried backstage right away. If he was legitimately injured, I hope it wasn't anything serious and he'll be okay soon.

Quick backstage session with Colt Cabana on the mic, basically just winding up for the cage match later. Then another brief backstage interview with the Kings of Wrestling about the Briscoes, and some recapping of their history. I like how ROH does that. "Yeah, we might not be having a match with these guys this week, but don't worry! We didn't forget!" ROH has the best continuity.

Next is a women's match, awesome. Sara Del Rey and that Summerlyn chick. Sara pretty much dominated. I love her, she is utterly fantastic. It's rare to see such a bad-ass woman wrestler just straight up kicking ass. She won by submission. Because that's how great she is =D

Then a video package recapping the history between Steen and Generico and Corino and Colt, including that crazy bloody PPV chain match. More continuity. I love it.

The cage match itself, phew. It started out a straight-up brawl (But not before Steen got into some fan's face and ripped up a sign. Didn't catch what the sign said though. Probably something for Generico. And then licked the door. I don't even.)

When they finally get everyone in the cage and lock the door, Steen steals the key and tucks it in the leg of his shorts. Generico and Colt (...Genericolt?) take control early and throw Corino into the side of the cage face first like six times, his head ends up cut open. Steen lets lose a weird creepy cackle and then licks the lock. Honestly, what is that man's predilection for licking things? xD

Colt's the first one to try and escape but Steen and Corino (...Corsteeno?! xD) faceplant him into the top of the cage and then throw him down. Some more asskicking in which Genericolt get the upper hand. Generico goes to the top rope to do something fancy and aerial, but Colt tells him to go to the top of the cage. By the time he gets there Steen is up and knocks Generico from the top of the cage to the floor. He's locked out. Steen gets the key out of his trunks laughs at Generico, who is forced to watch helplessly at ringside.

Corino and Steen get something out of the turnbuckle, which turns out to be a fork and some kind of hooky-thing. Like a big metal hook. They take their implements of destruction and go after Colt's face. The match is stopped and Generico runs backstage. Steen and Corino do some celebrating and then Steen unlocks the door. Generico reappears from backstage with some boltcutters (bit late, bb) and chases Steen and Corino backstage. Then he crawls in the ring to check on Colt. The match is recapped quickly and the camera cuts to Generico in the ring like freaking out and throwing things and generally being insane and pissed off.

Brief shot of some kind of dental implement, like a partial... what is it called. I think a bridge. In the middle of the ring. I love wrestling. xD

Then they give us a preview for next week, which includes another Eddie Edwards TV championship match. Also Kings of Wrestling vs. Dark City Fight Club and Homicide makes his ROH on HDNet debut. Looks like it should be good.

On the whole I thought it was a great show. Wish there was some Daniels but I absolutely can't complain. ROH is my *favorite* wrestling. As opposed to what's apparently going on with RAW right now. I'm not watching, I thought The Crow would be a better decision. From what I've heard via Twitter, I probably made the right choice.

Also, I know there have been a severe shortage in posts this week, my apologies. It was a very busy week. I'll try to get back to the regular posting schedule.

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