Friday, November 5, 2010

Impact/Reaction 11/4/10

Impact quick recap -- Nothing spectacular.
ReAction quick recap -- There's a PPV this weekend and Jeff Hardy is very quotable.

More detail under the cut

Bischoff is in karate pajamas.

They kicked Matt Morgan out of Fortune.

Kendrick gets a massage in front of the rest of the EV2 guys. RVD freaks out on the EV2 guys and AJ Styles encourage them to kill all each other. RVD is paranoid. Stop smoking that bad pot, RVD, it's messin' with you.

Sarita vs Velvet Sky. Sarita is a badass woman, thank god for her. Kicked ass in her match against Velvet Sky. Throws her all around, good stuff.

I did not understand the mixed tag match (GenMe plus Tara vs Ink Inc plus Mickie James). It took me until the end of the match to remember that Tara and Mickie are having a feud. Mickie was awesome though, with this head scissors on the Buck. But other than that... I was just confused. There's not enough tag teams or something, I don't know. A little continuity, seriously.

Backstage interlude with Eric Young, Orlando Jordan and some guy. I don't even. I love Eric Young so freaking much so I don't even care. I just hate this angle, it's stupid.

Storyline progression with 3D and the Guns. I don't care for 3D right now (I'm convinced they're getting the belts) but my Guns! <3

Jeff Jarrett comes out and talks about... stuff. Samoe Joe, mostly. Then Joe comes through the ramp. Loved it.

Threeway for the TV title between AJ, Rhino and RVD. I remember when AJ was the main event. Those were good days. AJ got thrown around a lot in this match. And got faceplanted in the ropes. But fortunately he retained. Looked like he got walloped in the mouth 'cause he was messing around with his teeth. Loose teeth? Trip to the dentist in our future, AJ?

Doug against Kaz was pretty good, I would say that's worth your time to watch.

Abyss vs Pope wasn't even worth it. But the thing that says his name when he walks out says "Abyss... w/Janice" which I found amusing. Match was dumb. Abyss beat up some fans.

But... yeah. Nothing else good. Matt Morgan pretends to be Anderson and kicks Bisch in the face. JB has stupid hair. Jeff Hardy tries to be badass.

He was very quotable in ReAction though.

First with "I will end that big motherfucker." But it was all in the way he SAID it. It was so deadpan. And it shouldn't have been as funny as it was.

And then he was all "I am so legendary compared to his ass."

Matt Morgan had a good one with "How's that boot taste. Size 18. Taste good?"

Other than that I haven't paid any attention to this show except for when Sabin is on the screen. Fortunately all those quotes I mentioned are fairly early in the program, like within the first 20 minutes. Seriously, just to hear Jeff say "I will end that big motherfucker".

The rest of ReAction is just buildup for Turning Point this weekend and Jeff Hardy being egotistical and obnoxious.

Oh another good quotable. "A lot of people are confused, they think I don't give anymore. I think it's pretty obvious I still give. I give away concussions. And they're fucking free."

I think this ReAction show could be so much better if like... they did it differently. I think it's a cool concept but it's just not executed well.

How do you guys feel about Turning Point this weekend? Gonna buy it? (...Or stream it? I don't judge.) I do think it has some good matches on tap, but... I don't know. That doesn't mean much. Again the only thing I care about is Guns vs 3D. So I can actually be legitimately mad about the Guns dropping the belts... or not.

Edit -- I just actually looked at the lineup and I must have been smoking (whatever RVD's been smoking, I think) when I said there were good matches on tap. I am disappointed in myself for even having said that.

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