Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Delayed Rumor Mill, 11/3 to 11/11

I know, I suck, I'm sorry. I have to do all these silly things, like "going to work".

But here we are.


*Lacey Von Erich leaves TNA, announces via Twitter.  Good for her, I suppose, they weren't doing anything much with her anymore.

*Hulk Hogan's getting married to his 35 year old girlfriend. Spectacular.

*There's a rumor that Kevin Nash re-signed with TNA but he denies this, also via Twitter. Come to your own conclusions, folks.

*Regal hints at possible retirement whilst on the UK tour.

*Eric Young is reportedly gone from TNA. There is a possibility that he will still resign, but considering they were offering him quite a lot less money, I don't think it's likely. He had been with the company since 2003. EY... we miss the shit out of you already.

*The mysterious new ref, who debuted at Turning Point, is Eric Bischoff's son. *shakes head*

*Last week, Hulk Hogan caused quite a stir when a video surfaced of him flashing his junk while his daughter was present. He has since denied this, saying he just flashed his underwear. Because that's totally okay.

*Money is super tight in TNA right now (Hmm wonder why) and Dixie's mom is now overseeing the finances.

*The Undertaker has gone in for surgery this week for a torn rotator cuff. No timetable is set for his return.

*Steve Austin may or may not be hosting RAW in December.

*Suicide has been removed from TNA's roster page. For shame.

*TNA has cancelled two house shows, Indianapolis on November 20th and Evansville, November 19th. 

*Both Amazing Red and Daffney's contracts are up soon. I highly suspect they will be done with the company. I miss Daffney.

*TNA ReAction has been picked up for ten more episodes. 

*The Great Khali is getting sued by a movie producer in India.

*Jerry Lawler is suffering from some a serious staph infection and may need surgery.

Alllrighty, I think that is all the news that is news for the week. I hope I didn't miss anything huge.

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