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Turning Point predictions

Daylight Savings time ends, right? I get an extra hour to sleep in. What do I do? I wake up at 8am. Since I've already dedicated myself to being awake, I might as well do something useful with my time.

Or I could blog. xD

Matches and thoughts under the thing.

*Mickie James vs. Tara

Well, I think this has the potential to not suck. I really like Mickie James and Tara's still in decent shape. It's also like the only match that even nudges continuity, saying Mickie and Tara have hated each other since their days in WWE. I don't know if I really believe that, but I'm willing enough to buy into it. It'll probably be a five minute squash, and whoever wins will win because of some kind of interference or cheat.

*The Pope vs. Abyss in a lumberjack match (with Pope's congregation as lumberjacks)

...What? There are so many things wrong with this I can't even figure out where to start. First of all, why are Pope and Abyss feuding? The last thing I remember is Abyss almost kayfabe killed RVD and then they had a thing at BFG and now suddenly Abyss and Pope are feuding. Honestly. Little bit of goddamn continuity, please. Secondly, the Pope's "Congregation"? Isn't that just... fans? They're going to have fans as lumberjacks? Guess that would be cool if you're a fan but I bet it's probably just going to be like backstage guys in disguise. I suspect this match will go on way longer than it should, and Abyss will be bleeding by the end of it.

*Fortune vs. EV2 in a multiple-man tag match. Winner selects member of losing team to be fired. 

This shouldn't be too bad. I like everybody in Fortune, and EV2 is still okay, so it should be fairly entertaining. I thought the match at BFG was okay, until it was all Crouching Stoner, Hidden Kendrick on top of the cage. At the very least, it'll have AJ being AJ, and that's good to watch. Considering the rumors of Sabu's imminent release, I'm thinking Fortune wins. This match will probably go on just a little bit too long, and at least two people bleed. (Three people if Flair is involved.)

*RVD vs Tommy Dreamer

To be perfectly frank, I can't stand RVD. So I hope he loses. I don't understand this paranoia angle, but at least it has some kind of continuity. Sort of. I just think RVD needs to stop smoking that bad pot, I bet he'd feel a lot better. I'm not sure what this match is set to prove though. This match will probably be boring but not too long, and I bet Tommy will win so as to fuel RVD's paranoia further.

*Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarrett

I love Joe, so hopefully this match doesn't suck. This match also has at least a little bit of continuity going for it. With JJ's heel turn and everything, there's some decent heat between the two of them. And plus... Joe. This match will probably depressingly short, and somebody interferes to give JJ the win. Or a weapon (like a guitar!) gets used.

*Jay Lethal vs Robbie E. for the X-Div title

This match makes me want to clutch my head. THIS is the X-Division?! THIS?! THIS RIP OFF JERSEY SHORE GIMMICK?! ARGH! If Robbie E wins, I will cry. I will sit right down and cry, because if he does, it means for good and all, everything that was ever good about TNA has died. I said a while ago that if Robbie wins, I will quit watching. I know I have said I'd quit watching many times before, but I'm pretty sure this is my breaking point. So to speak. Hopefully it will be a quick squash with Jay for the win. That's the only ending I will accept for this match.

*The Guns vs Team 3D in a titles-verses-career match

I'm fairly certain you guys know how I feel about this match by now, but just in case. It's been reported that 3D has signed to new multi-year deals. This means they are NOT retiring. Some people have said "Well, just because they have new deals it doesn't mean they'll be wrestling, or even still be a tag team." I hope you're right about that, I really do. But I also saw that Dixie wants them to be a tag team. So, if this match is to be a belts vs careers match, and team 3D is NOT retiring, what does this mean? It means that (in my speculation) 3D wins the belts, turns heel and decides not to retire. Thus, four years of my boys' hard work ends after only four months of holding the titles. Fucking spectacular, Dixie. Well-planned. If you are trying to make the all-old-guys, all the time wrestling show, you have succeeded. Of course, this is still only my speculation, based heavily on what I've seen on the dirt sheets, and trust me, no one will be happier than me if my boys win. This is one time I really, really hope I'm wrong. Other than that, I highly suspect I will enjoy this match immensely right up until the end.

*Jeff Hardy vs Matt Morgan for the TNA title

So I like heel!Jeff, and I love Matt Morgan (and his ADHD) so I'm thinking that this match won't be too bad, if Jeff doesn't fuck up and almost kill somebody again. Or if MM's ADHD doesn't get the best of him. Come to think of it, this match sounds like it could be potentially disastrous. But I trust MM a hell of a lot more than Jeff Hardy, so everybody should be okay. It'll probably be an okay match (if nothing terrible happens) but I think Jeff will retain. Probably some kind of interference. Or a chair. God, I hope it's not a chair. I don't trust Jeff Hardy to do anything with chairs other than sit down on them. But TNA has banned shots to the head, finally. So... I think this match will be okay, nothing particularly special. I will mark out for Matt Morgan. Jeff will probably retain and there will be some kind of big surprise ending... thing. Somebody interferes.

Oh, and just to depress the balls off of you, here was the card for last year's Turning Point.

1. X-Division match -- Red vs. Homicide. Red won and retained the title

2. ODB (Knockouts champ) and Sarita and Taylor Wilde (Knockouts tag team champs) vs The Beautiful People (Velvet, Madison and Lacey). ODB, Sarita and Taylor won to keep all the titles.

3. British Invasion, the Guns and Beer Money in a threeway match for the Tag Team titles. British Invasion won to retain the titles

4. Tara vs Awesome Kong in a steel cage match. Tara won

5. Rhino and Team 3D vs Matt Morgan, Hernadez and the Pope in a six man tag match. Rhino and 3D won.

6. Scott Steiner and Bobby Lashley in a no DQ falls count anywhere match. Scott Steiner won

7. Kurt Angle and Desmond Wolfe. You guys remember Desmond Wolfe? I do. Kurt won.

8. Main event: AJ vs Joe vs Christopher Daniels for the TNA Championship. That match was almost 22 minutes long. AJ retained.

Hello, wrestling fans. Look at the card for this year's Turning Point. Now look at last year's. Now back at this year's. Now back to 2009s. Sadly, this isn't 2009's card, but if Dixie/Russo/Hogan/Bischoff would get their heads out of their asses and started paying attention, we could have a card ALMOST like 2009s. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You're at ROH, with matches better than anything TNA has come up with in almost a year. What's in your hand. It's your money. Back at TNA. Now Dixie has it and she's wasted it on J-Woww. Look at ROH. Your money is now gold. Anything is possible when wrestling companies actually care about their fans and are not self-serving piles of shit. You just met Christopher Daniels.

(I know, Old Spice meme is old. Just go with it and let me have my fun)

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