Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rumor MIll 10/28 - 11/3


COLOR EDITION. Fail coloring, I know, but I did it in MSPaint, what do you want from me? xD I can't use Photoshop!

* Big news of the day. Hulk Hogan makes a commercial for this video game, and flashes his junk. IN FRONT OF HIS DAUGHTER. SERIOUSLY. EW. No. That is SO many different kids of NOT EVEN RIGHT.

*Rhino and Eric Young's contracts are nearly up. EY is expected to stay if a reduced salary can be negotiated.

*CM Punk is supposedly injured and needs some kind of hip surgery, although he's claiming via Twitter that he's fine. If he does have surgery, it's said he'll be out for around three months.

*TNA house shows are doing terrible in regards to attendance. This past loop garnered an average of about 450 people per show. Also, TNA is trying to get Serena Deeb. I don't know how I feel about that. If it'll get the TNA Women's division back to a decent level...

*It's rumored Sabu will be finished with the company after this weekend's PPV. And I like Sabu *points up*.  But I think they're finally finishing with this EV2.0 angle, which I am glad to hear.

*Kevin Nash asks for a spot in the Royal Rumble via Twitter. Thought you were done wrestling, Nash? Bet he's just being facetious though.

*Linda McMahon loses the Senate race. I'm okay with this. Maybe it means WWE will go back to being good again. I can dream, right?

*TNA FINALLY bans shots to the head after Anderson's concussion! GOOD JOB GUYS. Took you long enough! Geeeeeez.

*Rey Mysterio has been missing ring time due to some kind of inner ear issue.

*Val Venis is returning to RAW. Clearly this is what we've been missing.

*Jeff Hardy was not originally supposed to be part of "they". No word on who it WAS supposed to be.

*Big Show's movie Knucklehead grossed less than $1000 at the box office. WWE... just stop making movies, okay?

*The High Crusade is playing a show in Detroit next month. Shut up, it's wrestling news... ish.

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