Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spotlight: Masato Yoshino

This week's spotlight is a new favorite of mine, Masato Yoshino, of Dragon Gate/DGUSA. I recently started watching Dragon Gate after some urging from a Twitter friend and I. AM. HOOKED. If you've never seen Dragon Gate... you need to start watching ASAP.

There's a lot of amazingly talented guys on the DG roster, all of whom I would really like to Spotlight, but I had to start out with Yoshino. He is simply fantastic.

Yoshino vs. BxB Hulk, who is pretty spectacular himself, once you get past the glittery and the dancing. Match doesn't really start until like six minutes in though.

Part two.

Yoshino in some tag team action. Him and Naruki Doi vs. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong, back in 2006.

Part two. Naruki Doi is pretty awesome too. Everyone involved is awesome, let's be honest. It's a good match.

I know it's a DGUSA promo vid, but it really showcases some of Yoshino's best moves and just how damn FAST he is.

Unfortunately I can't really find any other videos on YouTube, but if I sparked your interest enough, more Dragon Gate matches can be found online at and in excellent quality as well. I *HIGHLY* recommend you check it out. They are in Japanese though, just FYI. Watch them anyway, announcing is overrated.

Here's the one I'm watching now, and it starts right out with Yoshino in some singles action. Watch it.

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