Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spotlight: AJ Styles

New blog topic. I've been meaning to do this for the past two Saturdays but have been too busy or too lazy to put it together.

So anyway, every Saturday (or so I intend) I will spotlight a wrestler and highlight some matches I think are worth your time to watch.

This week I picked someone easy, because we all should be watching him anyway. And he's not the #1 ranked wrestler in the PWI 500 for nothing.

AJ debuted in 1998, wrestling for NWA. He spent some time in various other wrestling promotions (WCW, a brief stint in WWF, WWA and a few years in ROH) before debuting in TNA in 2002. He was in the first ever TNA PPV and was also the first X-Division champion.

In his career he's held the X-Div title six times, which is more than anyone else in the company, the Tag Team titles (four times in NWA and once in TNA) and a four time World Heavyweight champ, three times with NWA and once with TNA, in addition to be the current reigning TV champion, bullshit title though it may be.

In short, he's phenomenal. You should know this by now. In case you don't, or you need some more persuading, let me show you some matches.

Here's one from Final Resolution 2005. AJ, Chris Sabin and Petey Williams in an Ultimate X match. Pretty much any Ultimate X match is guaranteed to be good, but I am quite fond of this one. No, it isn't because Sabin's in it. Watch it to the end, trust me.

Another X-Division match (yes, there is a pattern here) at Turning Point 2005. AJ vs Joe. Worth it just to see AJ freaking powerbomb Samoa Joe. I'm not kidding. Talk about a holy shit moment.

Back in 2002. AJ vs. Hurricane Helms in WWF. Nothing hugely spectacular, but I found it to be an intriguing match-up. (Warning, this video is REALLY LOUD for some reason.)

AJ vs Christopher Daniels, Against All Odds 2005. (I wasn't watching then, but I'm led to believe 2005 was a good year for TNA. I'm sorry I missed it.) Another X-Division match. If you have not seen this match, WATCH THIS VIDEO. If you only watch ONE video in this post... WATCH. THIS. VIDEO. This is one of the best matches I have ever seen in my entire life. And do you know what the best part is? It's a clean win. There is no cheating, no gimmicks, no outside interference, no bullshit stipulations. It's simply a 30 minute match full of mind-blowing awesomeness. And a legit win at the end. You cannot ask for anything better. I miss Daniels. I know he's on ROH now. I still miss him.

AJ winning the TNA World title back in 2009. Possibly the last really good moment in TNA history.

Additional celebratory AJ and interviewing by JB. Bonus Furley eyes. Twice.

One more video...

For the ladies. =D I make no apologies whatsoever.

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