Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ring of Honor

Sorry for the delay. Got to talkin' with my dad and missed the show. Recorded the replay... went to bed.


*Dark City Fight Club vs All Night Express
*Kevin Steen vs. ?! (Pick your poison match)
*Roderick Strong vs Christopher Daniels, non-title match

We start out with a recap of this whole Eddie Edwards/Shane Hagadorn/Davey Richards triangle thing that has been going on since August. Continuity... I love it. I also love Eddie Edwards, but that's neither here nor there at the moment.

Shane backstage on the mic yelling at Davey. He thinks Davey is trying to come between him and Eddie. He says they're going to do something about it. RIGHT. NOW. Now he's in the ring getting some "YOU SUCK" chants. Calling out Davey Richards. They're going to have words.

Davey promptly comes out. Now they're chanting Davey's name. Shane says everything Davey has accomplished is because of him. I think Shane is jealous that Eddie is listening to Davey and not him anymore. Aww. But Shane has it in his heart to forgive Davey, if Davey lets him do his job. Or Davey's gonna get his ass beat. Davey makes the first move and spears Shane into the turnbuckle. Kings of Wrestling come out to Shane's defense, and now Davey's getting... his ass beat.

BUT EDDIE RUNS OUT TO SAVE HIS PARTNER ooops fangirling. Sorry. Cleans house. Looks like we have a feud on our hands. I like it.

DANIELS. *flail*

He says he underestimated Roderick Strong and the depths he would sink to to win a match. And now it's not about the belt, it's about payback. And he's going to win. And that's not a threat, or a promise, it's the gospel according to the fallen angel.

I just realized my blinds are open and the entire neighborhood can see me flailing over Daniels. Whoops.


Now we're recapping that Delirious thing, the cage match. Backstage Austin Aries is on the mic while Rhett Titus and Kenny King back him up. He says they're gonna be the ROH tag team champions. Kenny King says they've gone from being sex machines to killing machines.

Looks like we've got All Night Express verses Dark City Fight club.

Davis and King start the matchup. King torques Davis's arm, but he gets out, throws King around. Drags him to the corner. Corey tags in and DC drops a bunch of tag moves on King. King gets back and manages to tag in Titus. They do some doubleteaming on Corey. King for the pin, but only makes two. Some more doubleteam moves from ANE. Titus is now the legal man, goes for a pin but no go. Now he's trying a nice headlock, maybe that'll make Corey submit. Elbows Titus off, knocks King on his butt to the apron. This ref is really easily distracted.

Corey gets his head slammed on the apron by ANE. They throw him in the ring, Titus tries for the pin but Corey grabs the rope. King tags in. Corey gets a second wind, grabs King midair and slams him down. Pretty sweet. Corey gets back to his corner and tags in Davis. Davis is cleaning up right now, kicking the crap out of both King and Titus with some awesome leg lariats. DC do some tag moves, try for the pin but King breaks it up.

The ref coaxes Corey out of the ring. King tags in, Titus and King do a few moves, ending with King yanking Davis back into Titus's knees. Tries for the pin on Davis but Corey breaks it up. I'm having a hard time following this match, everything is going on at once. Everyone's in the ring, Titus has a drop kick on Corey, Davis spears Titus to the ground, King sneaks in out of nowhere and gets Davis for the pin.

Phew! I'm not hugely familiar with either of those tag teams, but it was a good match. Impressed with the All Night Express.

Let's go to the locker room with Kyle Durden (Damn it I keep calling him Tyler Durden. EVERY DAMN TIME.) with Roddy Strong and Truth Martini. Let's discuss this match with Daniels. Truth says it's an evil conspiracy. What? Roddy wants to know why Daniels blames Truth Martini whenever he (Roddy) wins. He says he's gonna put this to rest. I doubt that. He says Daniels will never get the belt. I doubt that as well.

Commercial. Recap of the last two matches with Roddy and Daniels, trying to determine if Truth Martini is really to blame or not. Of COURSE he is.

But now we have Pick Your Poison, with Kevin Steen vs.... WE DON'T KNOW YET. But it's Kevin Steen. This is already guaranteed to be good.

The crowd is singing OLE! El Generic comes out with Colt Cabana, who's on the mic. Talking about who he's going to pick for Steen to fight. Dun dun dunnn....

STEVE CORINO. WOAH. Clever choice. You know, if this was WWE, it would have been Khali.

Colt and Generico will be taking a front row seat.

It appears Colt will be doing commentary. But first we give Steen the mic. Good. And he punches out the ref. Steen says HDnet is the greatest platform to get the recognition they deserve, but ROH is trying to compromise that. He says they get in trouble, get censored, get matches cut. Colt tells him to shut up and start wrestling.

Steen says he will never fight Steve Corino. Corino gets a mic and yells at Cornette. He says everybody watches ROH for them and what they do. Sort of true. NOOO WHAT?!? NO. STEEN JUST SAID HE QUIT. NO. I DO NOT LIKE THIS. He drops the mic and him and Corino leave. No. This is unacceptable. *grumbles* I don't like that.

The announce guys talk about Steen, blah blah yadda yadda. Now we see how Roddy ended up with the title, winning it from Tyler Black at Glory by Honor.

Roddy and Truth in the ring. Ahhhhh Daniels. I just noticed they're billing him from Sin City now. Interesting. I don't know if that's just been since he went to ROH or what.

I will not be able to call this match. Crowd is chanting FALLEN ANGEL.

Daniels and Roddy lock up. Daniels has him in the corner, chops and punches. Roddy's trying to get the upper hand but it isn't working. He gets a few slaps in but Daniels throws him to the mat. Throws some punches to the head but the ref makes him stop. Roddy gets away and throws him in the corner. Few more chops to Daniels. Throws Daniels to the opposite corner and runs at him, but Daniels throws him over and them slaps him to the floor. Daniels flies through the ropes onto Roddy. Primal scream into the camera. Awesome.

Daniels throws Roddy into the barrier and then facefirst into a table. Roddy manages to get out and get some slaps and punches in, but Daniels retaliates by throwing him into the barrier... again. The ref yells at them and tells them to get it in the ring. Daniels throws Roddy in.

Daniels is owning this match. He's throwing Roddy's head into every turnbuckle. In order. Very meticulous. Roddy grabs Daniels' legs and tries to throw him over the ring but he sticks on the apron. They exchange a few punches before Daniels headbutts him and then throws him into the turnbuckle... but he gets a leg up and throws a kick at Daniels' head. Roddy throws Daniels back first into the turnbuckle, where he bounces off and falls to the floor.

Roddy slides out and is now focusing all his attention on Daniels' back, driving him into the edge of the ring. Roddy throws Daniels against the barrier and into a chair, beating him mercilessly about the head. Daniels drops to the floor. Truth Martini is hovering nearby.

Roddy throws Daniels back into the ring and goes for a cover but only gets two. Now he's got Daniels in a bearhug. Erm. Reverse bearhug. Daniels works out of the hold but Roddy gets him on a backbreaker and goes for another cover. Still two.

Now he's got Daniels in body scissors hold. Truth sidles up to the ring and starts reading from his book. Daniels gets out of the hold but can't stand up. Roddy goes for another backbreaker but Daniels gets his legs around his head and gets him down, tries for a cover. Nope.

Roddy recovers and throws Daniels into the corner. Daniels looks about dead. Roddy throws him over, tries for a cover, goes for ab stretch on Daniels. Ref breaks it up.

Roddy hits several loud chops on Daniels. Daniels is trying to fight back, Roddy gets a roll-up but Daniels reverses it. They break and Roddy goes for the walls of Jericho Boston crab. Daniels crawls to the rope.

Roddy props Daniels on the turnbuckle. Goes for something but Daniels elbows him off. Looks like Daniels has a second wind and it is good. Thunderbombs Roddy and tries for a pin but he kicks out. Tried for Angel's wings but Roddy avoided it. Roddy hits another backbreaker and then knees him in the stomach. Tries for a pin but Daniels kicks out. Roddy puts Daniels on the turnbuckle and slams him to the mat. Another cover, Daniels again kicks out.

Goes for the Gibson driver but Daniels gets out of it, comes out of nowhere with a moonsault and inverted DDT. Both guys are laid out but get to their feet. Daniels tries to clothesline Roddy over the ropes but the both end up on the floor. Truth Martini is hovering again.

The House of Truth suddenly run out of nowhere and distract the ref in one corner while Truth crawls up onto the opposite turnbuckle. Daniels does not have the patience for this and knocks him off. Truth crawls into the middle of the ring, and then Daniels throws him over the ropes and out of the ring. Truth has dropped his book and Daniels picks it up going "What is this horseshit?" (Or at least that's the look he has on his face.) Roddy slides into the ring behind him and lands a massive kick on him. Roddy goes for the pin and after a second the ref realizes it. Counts to two... and the sees the book and stops. Beautiful. One point for the ref. The ref yells at Roddy about the book. While Roddy is otherwise occupied, Daniels gets to his feet, slams Roddy to the floor and hits the BEST MOONSAULT EVER. For the win. Good.

Daniels celebrates in the ring and then with the fans nearby, to lots of girly squeaking, most of which is mine. Daniels glistens his way to the ramp and closes the show with some final words. "I'm NEXT. And that's the gospel."

Promo for next week. Tyler Black's last appearance on ROH before he becomes WWE's bitch.

The BME has to be one of my favorite finishers like... ever. It kills me to know they're coming to Dayton and it's just... too far. I would carpool with some people if I knew more people who liked ROH and lived nearby. I guess I just have to wait a little longer. Even Columbus would be okay. I would totally drive to Columbus for Daniels. And Eddie Edwards. And Kevin Steen. And Davey Richards, and Colt Cabana, and Sara Del Ray...

I can wait. They'll get here eventually.

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