Friday, October 22, 2010

Why I Love Wrestling: Moveset

Sometimes, it's not easy being a wrestling fan. A lot of people... don't quite seem to get why I love this stuff so much. They tell me "But wrestling is fake!" No, wrestling is scripted. There's a difference. Someone does a moonsault, it's not camera tricks, CGI and wires. Just because the end of a match may be predetermined doesn't make what happens during the match *fake*.

In fact, the moves are one of my favorite things about wrestling. I love when somebody pulls out a move you've never seen before, and your heart stops, and you go "What the hell did I just see?!"

So, here's a few (though by no means all) of my favorite moves and finishers. What are your favorites?

Claudio Castignoli vs Mike Quackenbush. Huracanrana counter.

Dragonrana. Paul London vs. El Generico. (OLE!)

(If that move doesn't totally blow your mind, you're too jaded.)

AJ Styles with the Fosbury Flop

AJ and Daniels do some double-team moves, including a BME and AJ's Spiral Tap. Good times.

I could watch the BME for hours. Nobody moonsaults like Christopher Daniels, as far as I'm concerned.

Joe does something that may or may not be an enzuigiri. I don't know what the difference is between an enzuigiri and a gamengiri, but in any case, it's Joe kicking the shit out of someone and it is good.

Alex Shelley's Shell Shock. Especially when he's Shell Shocking someone into something. Like a chair. Or the ropes. Or Becky Bayless into the mat. I am also quite fond of the Sliced Bread #2... even when he Slices Bread on Sabin. (Yes, this is the verb form of that move.)

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