Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spotlight: Eric Young

A lot of people probably dismiss Eric Young as the comic relief. TNA doesn't quite seem to know what to do with him. Heel, face, tag team, X-Division, Super Eric, silly and stupid. Man's been -- and done -- it all.

But you know what? Behind all the silly (and occasionally really stupid) gimmicks, he's a pretty damn good wrestler.

I'm sorry but I could only find a tiny snippet of this match. Also, please just note Hamada being a badass lady wrestler. I'm trying to focus on Eric, but... just enjoy them both.

Eric vs Consequences Creed.

Snippet of Jay Lethal and Eric vs. The Guns. Worth it for the banter betwixt Shelley and Eric at the end. Eric CAN be funny without having to act like a mental patient! Who knew?!

Ensuing X-Division match, part one. Yeah, Eric was an X-Div wrestler. Shelley is also pretty phenomenal in this match. Just sayin'.

Part two.

And what's Eric Young without... SuperEric?! Super Eric and AJ in a tag match against BG James... and Awesome Kong. Can we reflect on how awesome that is for a second? Awesome Kong as an equal in a match with three other guys.

But... as much as I love Eric as a wrestler (and a ginger... WHO KNEW!?)... I still do really, really love when he does the silly stuff.

Turning Point 2006. Traci Brooks challenges Eric to a bikini contest... which he won =D

And finally, my favorite Eric Young video ever, via Paparazzi Productions (Shelley keeps sneaking into my damn Spotlights. I'll have to give him his own one of these days.)

I seen it all now! =D

I hope you enjoyed! I already have plans for next weekend's spotlight. He's gonna blow your damn mind, I promise!

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