Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Sorry for the delay. Yesterday was my birthday, wasn't in a blogging kind of mood.

* Eddie Edwards 10 minute challenge
* Tyler Black vs Matt Sydal
* Davey Richards vs El Generico


Lol sorry. I love Davey Richards, don't get me wrong.

Aw man, we starting out with Eddie Edwards? Happy birthday to ME. KNEW I should've watched last night.  Did I mention I love Eddie Edwards? Because I do. Wait, why is Jim Cornette out here? That's slightly ridiculous. That's a cool tie too.

Interesting. Nice, he just kicked out Shane Haggadorn. Good job. Probably for the best. I hope this match isn't another squash. I'd like something at least kind of legit, you know?

I wish Dayton wasn't so f***ing far away, damn it. So close and still so damn far.

Woaaahhh Kenny King.

You know, the reason I'm not writing a lot during this match is because it's taking all I have not to just go all uber fangirl over Eddie. I'm still trying to be legit, guys! But this is a really good match, even though Eddie's now getting his ass handed all over this ring.

Eddie off the top rope... for the win...?! No. Oh man this is such a good match though. Seriously. ROH does it right. That was a great match. Just pure, solid wrestling from two talented guys. No gimmicky crap, no cheating, solid match, solid win for the belt. Seriously. WWE and TNA needs more of this kind of thing. They focus too much on gimmicks.

Awww Tyler Black. Is he wrestling Matt Sydal? Awww baby Bourne! I hope Tyler does okay in WWE. He's too good to just be... squashed all the time. Or put in NXT. They changed his name, I forget to what. It's going to be confusing.

Matt Sydal is a cute li'l thing. Puttin' up a good fight too. And bendy. Bendy must run in the family. Yeeaaahh he lost. But he really put up a good fight. Another very good match. Was that the last time we will see Tyler in ROH? Aww, sadness.

Kevin Steeeeeeen! Gosh I love him too. He cracks me up. The El Generico voice... he's so ridiculous.

Davey Richards vs. El Generico, this should be good too. I don't know who does the booking for these guys, but whoever he (she?) is, s/he's doing it right. I don't think I have ever gone "This sounds like it's going to be a stupid match." There ARE no stupid matches in ROH. I mean, there's been mtches I didn't get, but that's just because I'm still pretty much a noob when it comes to ROH. They're not like... you know, Abyss vs Samoa Joe or whatever that match was that had nothing to do with anything last week.

Holy crap, half nelson superplex, are you kidding me? Holy shit, Generico tapped.

Hey, I got retweeted by ROH. And now my twitter's blowing up. ROH > all other wrestling. End. I don't even want to watch RAW right now.

Aww someone just told me my reviews are "incoherent babbling". =/

I will try harder to be more legit. I think I have to stop typing as I'm watching and just do more of an actual recap. 'Preciate the concrit though.

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  1. Enjoy these as always.
    Just. Matt Sydal's Evan Bourne. The one on ROH is Mike Sydal