Monday, October 18, 2010

Ring Of Honor, 10/18/10

Or, Tyler Black's last show =/

*Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards

Show opens with a backstage interview with Davey Richards. Tyler Black interrupts. A slight ruckus ensues which is quickly broken up by a ref.

We decide to take it out to the ring, where Cornette is waiting. Davey comes out and demands to have words with Tyler. He comes out and is immediately taunted with a "You sold out!" chant. Some shit is spoken back and forth, and then Davey says he'll pay any money for Tyler to wrestle him, unless he's a little bitch. Obviously this don't fly and Tyler goes after Davey. Cornette breaks them up and says he's giving them both the whole show to wrestle it out.

There's a little video package about both of them, talking about where they came from and why they love wrestling, things of that nature. I'm a little bit displeased with the fact that we're like twenty minutes into the show and there hasn't been any real wrestling yet, but I know I'm guaranteed some good wrestling soon enough.

We cut back to backstage where the Kings of Wrestling are talking some shit about the Briscoe Brothers. Quick cut to the Briscoes where they talk some of their own about KoW. They say it's not about the tag team championship belts, it's about "whoopin' y'alls ass!"

I love wrestling. That match with be next week.

Finally we get to the one and only match, Tyler Black's last match in ROH.

This is an extraordinarily good match. Lots of amazing back and forth with some spectacular moves from both guys. Davey threw himself through the ropes and hit the barricade, which looked pretty nasty.

Tyler moonsaults off the barricade. Not to mention hits a Coast to Coast and a glorious Phoenix Splash, minus the fact Davey had his knees up. Seriously intense. So many near-falls, oh man. Definitely a really strong match the whole way through, didn't even want to take my eyes off the screen. I have the utmost respect for what RoH did for Tyler on this show. They gave him the best sendout I think they could. And that really makes me happy.

Of course, it had to end sometimes. Tyler Black submitted after 25+ minutes of wonderful, glorious wrestling. While I wish there had been more matches on tonight's show, I really cannot complain at all. That was a great match.

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