Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rumor Mill: 10-13 to 10-20


Sorry for the rant. (You'll see in a second.)

First of all, I just saw this: Team 3D has re-signed their contracts. What. So... that whole spot right in the middle of BFG, with the emotional goodbyes, was just a fucking WORK?! Are you SERIOUS!? Also, didn't they set a retirement match vs. The Guns? Did I not also see somewhere that it was going to be a belts vs career match? I'm pretty sure they said that at the PPV. So... if 3D isn't retiring... and I'm right about the match stip, do you know what that means? It means they're giving Team 3D the tag belts. BECAUSE THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. I don't have anything against 3D, they're cool guys, awesome for the industry but... the Gun worked their ASSES off for those belts, for FOUR YEARS and they've had them now for... three months. That's awesome. Hell of a run guys, thanks for working your balls off, but we're going to continue our run of being complete dumbasses about wrestling and make these AWESOMELY TALENTED YOUNG FAN-FAVORITE guys drop to the older (but still fan-favorite and awesomely talented, can't lie. At least 3D can still wrestle) tag team who have already held those belts 9000 times. Thanks for playing. You will now be retired to the back. Again.

That turned into a hell of a rant, I'm sorry guys. I'm just so beyond annoyed you don't even know. Or maybe you do. I love 3D, but... the Guns are my boys, you know? I want those fuckers to succeed. I want their work to not have been in vain. I want them to get the recognition they damn well deserve. After working for FOUR YEARS to get the belts, they get to hold them for all of three fucking months? UGH.

Anyway. Sorry. Again. I'm all worked up. I don't even know if it'll happen that way. I gotta keep that in mind.

Time for other news!

*ROH signs Christopher Daniels to an official contract. *thumbs up*

*USA plans to bring back the "Tough Enough" series.

*MVP has been saying he is unhappy with WWE and will not be re-signing his contract when it expires. Lots of contract rumors this week.

*Hogan and Bischoff extend their failure to online gaming. What. I know. Called "Hulkamania". Have fun.

*Matt Hardy finally released from WWE. This comes as a surprise to no one, I hope. Guess we'll be seeing him on TNA in a couple of months.

*TNA has signed Katie Lea. Just when I thought I could walk away, they go and hire my favorite lady wrestler, who I have been missing sorely these past months.

*Lance Cade's death has been ruled "mixed drug intoxication".

*Bret Hart BLASTS TNA, Hogan, Bischoff and Russo. Well done, sir. It's a shame they won't listen. It's like everyone but them realizes how shitty they're doing.

*Batista is nearing a deal to join Strikeforce and start competing in MMA.

*TMZ claims that Jersey Shore's J-Woww wants a rematch against Cookie on TNA. Please. Dear. God. NO.

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