Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rumor Mill 7/20 - 7/28

Rumor Mill... late again. My apologies.


TNA has signed former Big Brother reality TV star Jesse Godderz. It's believed that TNA's version of The Miz will be on TV by the end of the year.

Speaking of the Miz, he's been everywhere this week. Tuesday, he threw out the opening pitch at the Indians game. (yes, I was there. Don't judge me. I also happen to like baseball. And basketball. And football. But I digress.) On Wednesday, he was in New York City to host this MTV show, and then to the George Lopez show to promote SummerSlam. Tonight he's on the Ferrall show, which is or will be broadcasting on SiriusXM Howard 101. He's also due to guest star on Psych, though there's no word on when that episode would be airing.

Not that any of that was news, exactly, but I'm pretty impressed by Miz's ability to be... everywhere at once.

Back to actual news time, former independent wrestler Devon Nicholson has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit to the tune of 6.5 million against Hall of Fame wrestler Abdullah the Butcher (Larry Shreve). Nicholson claims Shreve cut him with a razor without his permission, his blood mixed with Shreve's blood and he came down with a nasty case of Hep C. Sheve of course vehemently denies having Hep C or any type of blood disease and has the proper paperwork to back that up. Nicholson had been in line for a 3-year contract from the WWE, but upon hearing of his diagnosis, rescinded the contract.

Speaking of redonkulous bullshit, recently released superstar Michael Tarver posted... this thing where he claims that John Cena purposely fractured his arm because he -- that would be Cena -- was jealous of Tarver's push and talent. Really? Just... really? I once said this to an ex of mine, but I feel it bears repeating to you: "Does your ego still fit in a bag, or have you upgraded to one of those rolling suitcases to cart it around?"

I've been following the future of KOW, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, in the WWE. It's said they will be finishing their obligations with ROH next month and coming on to WWE immediately. It's even theorized that they have a part to play in CM Punk's storyline. Which could be... awesome? I don't know.

In creepy news, Diva Maryse appears to have a creepy stalker and is headed to court to get a restraining order on him. He's 61 years old and has left numerous voice mails on her phone, letters, promised to buy her a ring and give her a $100,000 check. (Hint; she works for the WWE. She probably doesn't need your money.)

RVD is being a douchebag again. He made some (in my opinion) snobby comments towards a certain young tag team recently employed by TNA, saying that the younger guys, in general, have no respect. Also mentioned is how he would love to help them improve their ring skills. To which GenMe replied that they were always respectful and polite to him and maybe would have asked his advice, if he wasn't such a snob and changed in his own private dressing room. Ah, politics.

TNA has reportedly signed one "Zema Ion", also known as Shiima Xion, local indie dude. I look forward to seeing his pretty face on TNA.

Speaking of local indie guys, Greg Iron was recently given a ringing endorsement by none other than CM Punk and Colt Cabana while at an AAW show in Illinois. Greg Iron, who also does shows in the Cleveland area, suffers from cerebal palsy. And is still a pro-wrestler. A spotlight may need to be done for you to get the full effect.

TNA knockout Madison Rayne puts a blogger "in his place" for daring to make some negative comments about her match with Tara on a recent episode of TNA. I read his blog on the matter, and I think his comments are perfectly fine. For someone who's supposed to be banging Chris Sabin, she's a leetle bit uptight. But then, his knees all messed up, so I suppose the sexytimes have been put on hold. In any case, Miss Rayne, you have Chris Sabin. The rest of us don't. You win by default.

And lastly, it seems everyone in TNA is getting injured. Matt Morgan is out for six weeks with a torn pec and James Storm was injured during a backstage segment and has a bulging disc. No word on if he'll be out and if so, for how long.

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