Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rumor Mill 6/30 - 7/6

Rumor Mill, grinding away.


Seems like CM Punk made a bit of a faux pas in Adelaide this past week, getting up in an Australian fan's face (as one does, when one is a heel) and got a bit carried away. After emphatically asserting said fan had a vagina, he then called the young man a "homo". GLAAD announced on their website that they were speaking with WWE to make sure their talent chooses their heel words better, but then said a WWE spokesperson said Punk would no longer be with the company after July 17th. So maybe that answers that question. Punk also took to Twitter to apologize for his offensive remarks.

On their way to South Africa, apparently over half the Smackdown roster had items missing from their personal checked luggage.

WWE has registered a new trademark for the Undertaker, "The Last Outlaw"... whatever that's supposed to mean.

Rey Mysterio's contract runs out in early 2012 and the 'E is very desperate to make sure he re-signs, since that seems to be a problem with WWE's talent right now. Apparently the blame is resting firmly on John Laurinaitis's shoulders and both Vince and Triple H are not happy with his failure to make the guys re-sign. Interesting.

Colt Cabana rings in on CM Punk's state of mind as to the work/shoot nature of Punk's infamous promo. I still want to believe.

Scott Hall checks himself into jail (you can check yourself into jail?) for his 10-day stint following his 2010 arrest for drunkenly resisting arrest. It's expected he will only stay 2-3 days.

Ric Flair's still Naitchin'. Despite being advertised and promoted for the Brooklyn, NY TNA show July 1st, he only showed up to sign for the VIP ticket holders and left before the show was over. He claims he wasn't told he had to go before the rest of the live audience. He appeared at the Asbury, NJ show to all fans without further incident.

Associated press released the autopsy results for Randy Savage. Official cause of death is heart disease; drugs nor alcohol played any factor in the crash. RIP Macho Man. Thanks for saving us from the rapture.

If you have 9.2 million dollars just sitting around and you're in the market for a new house, Hulk Hogan's Florida mansion hit the buyer's market. 17,000+ square feet, five bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, gym, pool with waterfalls...

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