Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rumor Mill 7/13 - 7/20

Rumor Miiiiill... sorry I missed last week.


Alright, let's just get this out of the way. Vince McMahon. If you watched RAW, which I'm pretty sure you did, you know what I'm talking about. My personal introspection on the matter (other than what can be found elsewhere on this blog) is that I really don't know what's going on. X-Pac claims it was real. The stocks and investors seem unaffected if it is real. Until we know more, I guess it's up to personal interpretation.

I mentioned Sin Cara has been suspended for thirty days for his first violation of WWE's wellness policy. However, there appears to be a great amount of doubt as to whether or not he'll be coming back. He claims he is not taking steroids and that a knee injection containing steroids might have caused a false positive.

Apparently CM Punk turned down a new 5 year deal with the WWE.

And in Hardy news, because there is ALWAYS Hardy news, Jeff's court date has been continued AGAIN, for the 934587324th time, to September 8th, nearly a two full years after his arrest. Coincidentally, maybe, the day before this news broke, he announced on twitter he's got a DVD coming out soon. I remember when Jeff was our hero, our underdog. This whole goddamned thing just makes me sad.


Remember a couple weeks ago when Ric Flair was supposed to show up at a Brooklyn house show and then didn't? It seems his relationship with TNA is getting a little strained.

Chris Sabin's got dead person body parts following knee surgery to repair a torn ACL. Poor dude. He's still got a good many months ahead of him before he's able to return to the ring. (However he has been able to rock it out in the studio, so. At least he's keeping busy.)

WWE has announced plans to construct a physical hall of fame, which may or may not be in Orlando and may or may not be awesome.

There seems to be a lot of speculation as to a connection between ROH and WWE, which of course officials from both sides are vehemently denying. Considering certain remarks from Punk's famous promos, the fact Colt Cabana was ringside at MitB (though they did pretty much everything they possibly could to not actually show him) and has stopped taking bookings for some indie companies, that KOW have potentially signed with the 'E... I don't know. I don't know how I feel about this. I like the WWE again, but I LOVE ROH, and I worry that... if WWE... takes it over, it'll lose everything that was ever good about it. Of course, I'm pretty sure the same rumor has been swirling around TNA since it got started. I guess time will tell. I hope it's not true though. One wrestling company shouldn't have all that power.

I cannot word the TNA talent's thoughts on Vince Russo any better than this article does it.

Former WWE talent Gene Snitsky appears to have some kind of bug up his butt about The Miz, taking to twitter to spout his nasty remarks and be similarly nasty to fans who try to defend Miz. Today Snitsky takes to twitter to claim the all-too-famous Twitter Excuse... HE WAS HACKED. He has since deleted his account. *shrug*

Good Humor has no intention to bring back WWE ice cream bars.

According to Tough Enough contestant Jeremiah Riggs, TE winner Andy Leavine got basted for not selling the Stone Cold Stunner on the finale of the show.

And that's all the news that is news.

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