Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rumor Mill 6/8-6/15

Aw yeah. You know what time it is.


We start out with a little bit of "Whoopsie!" news. WWE apparently fails to patent the "Sin Cara" name in Mexico. Oops. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I think it means that A. somebody in Mexico is going to be going by that name and B. Vince is going to be angry.

And my favorite thing, which you may have seen me squealing about on twitter, if you follow me, which is a spoiler for Destination X. I won't tell you what it is if you wish to be surprised. Let me just say I am considering buying this PPV. That says a lot. TNA also says they will be bringing back the six-sided ring for this show. I'm excited about that too.

WWE pays out a $5 million dollar settlement to a lady, Ms. Benson, who was injured in a low-motor vehicle accident. The car was driven by a WWE employee whilst in Manhattan. He was reversing and hit the rear driver's side bumper of Ms. Benson's Jeep. She suffered a fracture in the cartilage in her knee and had to undergo several surgeries. Five million dollars.

Todd Grisham's a daddy, awwww.

WWE releases five people: three dudes from developmental, Jacob Novak from NXT and Michael Tarver formerly of Nexus.

John Cena is supposedly battling some persistent hip, shoulder and elbow issues, although he is trying to play it down. Natch. Hopefully he gets this taken care of, if these issues are true and serious, before they get worse. Though I wonder what the WWE would look like without Super Cena?

And, of course, in "What are those damn Hardys up to now?" news. Jeff Hardy uses a real, actual, working stun-gun... and shocks Matt's girlfriend. While Matt is there. And? There's a video. Sigh.

Randy Orton apparently suffered a legit concussion in Madrid the other day, which is where that kayfabe-that's-not-really-kayfabe from Raw came from. It is assumed he will still be working Capitol Punishment.

Former WWE persona Luke Gallows/Festus had a TNA tryout the other day.

Seems like a slow news week. But leave your thoughts anyway, guys. I love your thoughts.

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