Sunday, June 26, 2011

ROH PPV -- Best In The World

Review/recap of ROH's Best in the World PPV

First Match: Colt Cabana vs this guy, escorted by Prince Nana (...that's his name)

I love to watch Colt wrestle. He always brings a measure of lulz to his craft and you can tell that he really just loves what he does, and you have to love that. The match itself was a pleasant enough opener, not too long or too intense, but a good way to start the action.

Second Match: Mikey B the Prodigy against Jay Lethal

I'm really excited to see what Jay brings in ROH. I always liked him in TNA though I felt like he was never really given the attention he ultimately deserved, especially in recent years when the X-Division went completely to pot. Jay definitely brought it in this match and Mikey B gave it back just as hard, except for that time when Brutal Bob stepped in and cheated, but what do you expect. Solid, enjoyable match from both guys and I'm excited to see what the future has in store for Jay in ROH.

Third Match: Homicide vs Rhino (...Rhino?), also escorted by Prince Nana (...that's still his name)

I thought I saw the match list say Rhino but I thought I was nuts. It's actually that Rhino. I didn't even know he was in ROH until I saw the list. Anyhoo. I find Homicide fun to watch too. He's not the most precise guy in the game, but he's never afraid to go all out swinging or leap from the top ropes. Or get a ladder. Or a table. Another good match, lots of energy and wild stunts, including a Gore through a table after the official end of the match.

Fourth Match: Steve Corino (escorted out by Jimmy Jacobs) vs Michael Elgin

I apologize in advance for not knowing who Michael Elgin is. Also, I want Kevin Steen. STEEN. THERE HE IS. I KNEW HE'D BE THERE FOR THIS MATCH. Heck with the rest of this. I want more Steen. Michael Elgin wins, is subjected to beatdown from Jimmy Jacobs, does not take that shit. MOAR STEEN! Baha. Beats up Corino. Epic win. I love Kevin Steen. Best part of that match.

Intermission time.

Match Five: El Generico vs Christopher Daniels for the ROH TV Championship

FACD is billed from Sin City? Oh my god, he's a HEEL now? OH MY. Oh my. And he's all fondling the belt. Oh my. Excellent match. Absolutely wonderful. I figured FACD was going to drop the belt, so I'm not surprised at all, but oh. Lovely. Generico and Daniels are two spectacular competitors and I loved every moment. And heel!Daniels. Oh my.

Match six: Tag Team Spectacular: Briscoes vs All Night Express vs KOW vs Haas and Benjamin

Aw man, what do I say? I love me some Briscoes, first of all. Was sad when they were the first ones out. And Kenny King, wow. Did he beast it out there towards the end or what. I thought it started kinda slow, but it built well and I thought it was good, for the most part, though it might've dragged on a little bit too long. I think I'm too excited for the next one to really focus on this though. My head is just going "EddieandDaveyEddieandDaveyEddieandDavey..." so... I'm a little impatient. All this shit going on in the ring right now? It's wasting my Davey and Eddie time.

Seventh and Final Match: Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards for the ROH World Heavyweight title

Man. What do I even say? Worth every single penny of my $15, just this match alone. It seemed like the ending was really abrupt though. Did it seem that way to anyone else? It was going along really strong and then all of a sudden it was over. It really didn't feel right to me. I'm glad Davey won though, if one singular man deserved that title, it was him. I just wonder if someone got hurt or something and they had to cut it short. Like if Eddie actually for real hurt his leg or something, which is what I kinda worry about. And then my stream was freaking out after being perfect literally the entire time, so I missed 90% of the speech at the end, but I'm sure youtube will take care of me on that regard. Other than that, I loved every moment. Every single moment. When Davey had Eddie's leg through the ropes and was gonna do a twist on him, and Eddie was like "DO IT. DO IT!" I got chills. Actually, I think I had chills through most of it, it was so good. Worth the wait, worth the money. Worth it. Just wish the ending didn't feel so abrupt to me 'cause that's kinda buggin' me right now. I hope nobody got seriously injured. I can't imagine either one of them would cut a match short for an injury unless it was really serious business. Eddie won that Survival of the Fittest with a dislocated shoulder, right? I mean, these guys don't pussy out.

I guess I would say a good PPV on the whole, I'd give it a 7/10, mostly for Davey and Eddie at the end there.

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