Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rumor Mill 6/15-6/22

Hellloooo, ladies and gents!


Let's just get the "What are those goddamned Hardys doing now?" news right out of the way. Matt Hardy has been suspended from TNA, length unknown. Approximately a few weeks, according to Matty himself. TNA states it's for being continuously late to shows. *shakes head* And maybe also that thing with the tazer.

Scott Hall has been given 1o days of jail time for resisting arrest back in 2010, though the sentence has been reduced to two days for time served.

CM Punk comments on leaving the WWE via twitter, which I'm going to assume was touched upon in that giant three hour RAW I didn't bother watching. I will actually be sad when he leaves. Punk is an excellent athlete and I have enjoyed watching him flourish in the WWE, except for that time when I was a huge Jeff Hardy mark and I really hated him for a while.

WWE is now testing for synthetic marijuana (synthetic marijuana? That's actually a thing?) and carries the same fines for testing positive for the real thing.

Batista has opened a gym down in Florida called the Gracie Fighter Ju-Jitsu gym.

Alex Riley's DUI charge from back in November has been dropped. Riley's lawyers argued that the police officer had no probable cause to pull him over, thus rendering all the officer's observations inadmissible. Nice.

Former ROH champion Nigel McGuinness/Desmond Wolfe has been released from TNA. =/ Apparently he could not be medically cleared to return to the ring. Does anybody know why or what happened? The last I knew, he was tag teaming with Brutus (London Brawling, rawr) and then he got injured like five days before I was supposed to see him and Brutus in Canton and nothing else was ever said about him. And I was sad.

There was apparently a technical glitch (or several) in the voting on Monday's "Power to the people" RAW, which caused... a bunch of ruckus. Several matches had improper votes, stuff crashed, the text voting system was all out of whack. It was madness. At least one make-up match is in the works, Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara, which sounds pretty cool if you ask me.

Melina and Gail Kim are... I don't even. Gail Kim tweets that Melina is emotionally unstable, Melina posts reply video to Gail, either sans makeup or very very tired... is this real? Is this kayfabe? They don't put this much effort into making feuds in the women's division in the 'E.

Former ROH Tag Title Champs Claudio Castignoli and Chris Hero received WWE tryouts before the tapings in Rhode Island and New York. I... can't imagine these guys in WWE. They are both awesome and talented guys, but... I don't know. I just don't see it.

I had to lulz at this headline: New Pictures of Batista Looking Skinny and Old But then I was all :| because it was actually true. Steroids are BAD for you, children. (I think he looks a lot better not all roided out. It's just weird for your shoulders to have shoulders.)

And in unrelated news, I have a spotlight planned for this weekend. I will not tell you who for, but I will give you a hint. He's in ROH. It will be awesome. Stay tuned.

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