Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rumor Mill 1/19 to 1/26

Well, hi guys.

The Rumor Mill; braving the dirt sheets and the pop-up ads... so you don't have to!
The big news of the week seems to be that Ric Flair threw a fit on TNA's Europe tour when they would not give him a cash advance, and they left him back in Dublin. I can't even make this shit up. It's too funny.

Oh wait, it gets better! Former wrester/Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura is suing the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA, staying full-body scans and pat-downs at the airport violate his right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. Actually, I don't entirely disagree with that, but let's not go into that here.

The Briscoes signed a contract extension with ROH. Well, that's good news.

Former WWE ref Jimmy Korderas has a theory that the 40 man Rumble is foreshadowing roster cuts. Aren't they always foreshadowing roster cuts in the 'E though? Honestly.

For the Samoa Joe fans amongst you, here's a video with Joe discussing why he thinks he's no longer in contendership for the heavyweight title. (In short, because TNA SUCKS) He also discusses the top five deadliest movies in pro-wrestling.

Rumor has it that Edge will be done with the company when his contract expires in 2012.

Kurt Angle had to pull out of TNA's tour of Europe early due to a family emergency, which he talks about here. 

Former WWE/WCW wrestler Sid Vicious (aka Sid Justice and Psycho Sid) was arrested in Memphis this past week. But here's the good part. He was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt and when the police came to cite him, they noticed a baggie with 18 grams of pot sitting on the ARMREST OF HIS CHAIR. Guys, if you're gonna be driving around with your shit in your car, which I really do not recommend anyway, FUCKING HIDE IT. Or alternatively, WEAR YOUR SEATBELT. If you're going to be driving around with illegal substances in your car... follow all the laws otherwise.

The Great Khali was said to be involved in a shooting in his native India, but he denies any involvement. Apparently a bodyguard employed by him (but was not with him at the time, so he says) began shooting into a crowd and injured three people.

Christian may or may not be participating in WM27, as he underwent surgery for a torn pec in September, and recovery time is said to be around six months. September.. six months is March. It'll be a close one.

MMA fighter Kimbo Slice may be appearing at Wrestlemania. Among other theories tossed around, he could be serving as an enforcer for Undertaker vs Wade Barrett to keep "The Corre" from getting involved. He is also making his pro-wrestling debut for Inoki's IGF promotion in Japan. (Told you I wasn't making that up!)

And in What's News The Hardys this week, Jeff Hardy's court date has been continued AGAIN for the 34843859th time to February 16th. I reported recently that he will be pleading guilty to at least one charge; it is assumed plea bargaining is involved. In news with Matty, apparently his coworkers don't even see why he's in TNA.

Oh, for those of you in the UK, TNA has resolved their programming situation. It will be airing on Sky channel Challenge, apparently something of a game show network. (*snort*)

Triple H announces the name of his third daughter: Vaughn Evelyn.

And okay, it was slightly more than a week ago, but The High Crusade announced via Twitter and Facebook that Alex Shelley suffered a broken collarbone at a house show. TNA has not formally announced this injury and I highly suspect they're going to be working it into kayfabe sometime at their next tapings. `

I don't even know if this is news, but what the fuck is this? TNA, I don't know if you fully grasp this concept, but I watch wrestling... to watch wrestling. If I wanted to watch MMA, I would watch MMA. If I wanted to watch football... I would watch football. I want to watch wrestling. I don't want to watch whatever the fuck that is.

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  1. "The big news of the week seems to be that Ric Flair threw a fit on TNA's Europe tour when they would not give him a cash advance, and they left him back in Dublin." - I can only believe that Flair just kept on "Naitchin" as he was stranded in the airport (?) hopefully just Whoooo-ing and not chopping the security...

    Nice blogg, I´ve just read this post but like the perspective!