Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rumor Mill, 12/29 to 1/5

Happy new year!


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What's news with the Hardys this week? Well, Matt is complaining about the state of tag team wrestling. I do agree that, particularly in the WWE, the state of tag team wrestling is pretty bad. I think TNA is okay and at least they take it seriously... ish... but they always seem to have the same two or three tag teams on. And while I love the Machine Guns as much as the next girl (...or maybe a little more than the next girl...) I do want to see them fight someone other than Beer Money or GenMe every now and again. In Jeff Hardy news, he recently wrestled in Japan with some other TNA guys for NJPW, retaining his title over Tetsuya Naitoh. Also, he's pleading guilty to those drug charges (or some of them). Can you say "plea bargain", boys and girls? He goes back to trial at the end of this month. Anyone want to start taking bets as to his sentencing? Will it include jailtime? How long?

In "Aww, who's got it out for WWE now?" news, an 18 year old kid is suing WWE and naming Triple H and The Rock as defendants, citing injuries he received at a PPV... when he was 7. Honey, it was 11 years ago. If you did receive any kind of injury, you have long since healed from it, or you would've sued sooner. Go home.

Awesome Kong has signed to WWE. HELL. YES. They better have awesomeness planned for her. I want to see her pwn the hell out of some Divas.

Someone may or may not have hacked Melina's Twitter account. A series of tweets sent out New Years' day stated she had been dumped by her boyfriend. She sent out another tweet the next day stating she and John were still together. Hackers suck balls. *shrug* Lame hack, if you ask me. I'd think a decent hacker would make her dump Morrison. Or maybe that's just me.

Chuck Palumbo makes an interesting note on the pay rate of most TNA stars. He stated the average mid-card wrestler receives about $500 per match, before taxes and expenses such as hotels and health care. Yeah. But they can give Jeff Hardy an $18,000 title belt. (Yes, I am a little bit hung up on that. $18,000 on a belt, $15,000 for some Jersey Shore whore... AND THESE GUYS HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR OWN HEALTHCARE? SERIOUSLY? *ahem* Sorry. I'm not even a wrestler and this unfairness stings me.)

Taylor Wilde announces via  Twitter that she's quit TNA. For shame, girl. We'll miss you.

For those of you in the UK, apparently there's some issues with getting TNA on television, so in order to get your weekly TNA fix, follow these instructions. 

And last but not... well... honestly, how many people were using They've shut it down. It will probably not be missed.

Okay, and this isn't news, but go watch this crazy ridiculous match with Kevin Steen and El Generico vs. Super Dragon and Excalibur. I love wrestling.

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