Monday, January 3, 2011

Today in Wrestling: ROH and WWE

New format. Why? Because I'm bored and I enjoy talking about wrestling. I don't need a reason.

Thoughts on WWE and ROH on the other side of the thing.

Tonight on ROH

Best Match: Eddie Edwards vs Mark Briscoe for the TV championship -or- Claudio Castignoli vs Homicide.

You guys know me, I have a big old soft spot for Eddie. So I'm always entertained by his matches and I'm always happy whenever he's on my TV. Not to mention, I have a serious Briscoe love as well. Mark pulled out some excellent moves and some seriously funny facial expressions.

Claudio vs Homicide was great too. The action never let down and 'Cide was completely awesome throughout, as was, of course, Claudio Castignoli. I liked that there was minimal interference from Chris Hero and Sara Del Ray, who were at ringside. Also, spoiler alert, a surprising win by Homicide.

Worst Match: Grizzly Redwood vs Matt Mondo

Not that it was BAD, per se. I really liked that Grizzly didn't get squashed right out of the gate. I fully approve of ROH's booking on this matter. You really saw Grizzly show off his skills against a much larger opponent in Mondo. I just felt it went on a little too long.

Additional highlights:

Mikey B-- erm, The Prodigy's promo, because... Mikey B. Charlie Haas and Shelty B in action, because they are spectacular and need more airtime.


Best Match: Miz vs. Morrison for the title

Okay. I've carried love for Miz and Morrison since their days doing Dirt Sheets as tag partners. And I'm such   a sucker for former tag partners turned against each other. I've always thought Miz and Morrison could pull together a really great feud, but it never seemed to happen. They had a brief thing at Bragging Rights in '09 and then mostly gone their separate ways. So I'm really hoping this turns into a really long, drawn-out feud. The actual match was amazing. Morrison with the high flying, leaping off the big W right in the beginning, plus going through the table towards the end. He really went all-out. Plus Miz pulled out one of his moves from his early days (vintage Miz!) which was almost poignant in its usage against Morrison.

...Yes, I just called something in wrestling poignant.

Worst Match: Everything else.

It's sort of been on in the background. My attention span for WWE wanes greatly most of the time. Alberto del Rio vs. R-Truth was pretty bad. I don't mind either of those two, but that match was just horribly boring. The tag match with the Usos and Kozlov/Marella wasn't too bad, at least Santino has some comedic merit to his wrestling, which I find mildly entertaining. The Divas match was boobs and squash as per usual. The steel cage main event is okay, but nothing to write home to mom about. RKO vipers out, wins #1 contendership for the 4397284383rd time.


CM Punk's promo work. He is really a spectacular heel. I strongly dislike him, but he's so wonderfully heelish that I find myself... almost liking him because of it. Because he's just so GOOD at it. There's something admirable about being so unabashedly evil. I can't really explain it. Also when he monkeys up the cage and rips the armband off of Wade Barrett.

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