Friday, September 24, 2010

TNA Impact & ReAction

A little late, I was at a concert last night =D

Recapping the past week, this stupid Bischoff/Dixie thing. Lame.

Now we've got Rob Terry vs. Abyss... WHO DECIDES THIS BOOKING?! Good thing this has nothing to do with any pre-existing plotlines. Continuity, can we has it? God forbid. I've heard though that Rob Terry isn't going over with The Powers That Be anymore.

The cameraman has keeps zooming in on Rob Terry's ass. Stop that. We don't need a close-up of that. Kind of impressed though with Big Rob's ability to pick up & throw Abyss around. Abyss is a big guy. But then again, so is Rob Terry.

What is going on with Jeff and RVD backstage? RVD gonna come back and pwn some asses? Isn't he supposed to still be injured? Yeah, apparently so. RVD, what are you planning on doing with that chair? You are "injured" you can barely walk. Abyss just threw Rob Terry AND a partition around, what do you think he's doing to do with you?

Also, look at all this security threatening Abyss with chairs, what is he, a lion? Sheez.

Dude, you are injured, you cannot defend a title. You know, it's so hard to get behind this when I know he's not even legitimately injured. And everyone KNOWS he's not legitimately injured. And of COURSE he'll be better by 10/10/10 -_________- I hate this angle.

But on the other hand, FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH.

Missed hearing that. xD

Now is Pope gonna talk some shit to Bisch? I hear he's not over right now either. Too much ego or something.

"What the hell is going on here?" Pope, nobody knows. But I think Pope has a legitimate gripe. I like this Pope/Bisch heat though. It's... something.

Oh boy... Beautiful People. Don't care. But I like that Lacey just flipped shit. Character depth is fun!

Ooo time for the tag teams! =D Is Alex still "injured"? Geez. -____-

They keep fake injuring people, sooner or later somebody's going to end up LEGITIMATELY injured. And THEN where will they be?

I really wish I could give a good recap or some serious thoughts on this match, but I'm really distracted by Sabin's thighs. Sorry. I guess I could say that it's nice to see these guys in a single's match. While I love both GenMe and MMG as teams, it's nice to see what these guys can do on their own. Although I wish GenMe would stop beating up my MMG. Guess it builds good heat though. I want Shelley to run out here and kick some ass. But no. He's "injured".

HAMADAAAAA. I love her. She's such a badass. AND she's gorgeous. I really hope she and Taylor don't drop the belts... I would be so disappointed. Ahh... good. I guess I should thank Madison for the interference.

I like how Dixie is all "Oh, it's not a surprise, it's just a change." If you're not telling us what it is... it's a surprise. I don't think I can take any more of your surprises, Dixie.

Aw yeah, Joe and Pope. I love Joe's enziguiri. I've seen other guys do it before, obviously, but for some reason it's more impressive when Joe does it.

What's JJ doing out here? I don't understand this plotline either. Joe and Jarrett against Sting and Nash? Can't we just... drop this Sting and Jarrett thing already? Instead of adding to it? Adding Joe to it doesn't make me like it anymore. Ditto Nash. Honestly I don't know why they're putting Joe in this shit anyway. He wasn't even involved in the whole... fill RVD's vacant title... thing. And he should've been. And whatever happened to the whole top 10 contender's list, bullshit as it was? Man, all I ask for is a little bit of f***ing continuity in my wrestling. Is that so much to ask?

*ahem* Anyway. Back to the show.

I love Anderson on the mic. Like I want to be annoyed that it takes him like ten minutes of mic time to do anything, but he always cracks me up. Like "We don't go back there every night and swing from the boss's nuts." Lines like that are why I just can't hate on Anderson.

I wonder if Kurt's gonna retire. I would be sad.

What the hell is Lethal Lockdown? Is that the one after BFG? Why are we... oh hell, I don't ask why anymore.

But this random Flair-with-Smirnoff is kind of amusing. if pointless.

"...Tessmacher?" "Tessmacher." Mmmhmm.

Well, AJ in a ladder match, this is more like it. AJ doesn't even get to walk out to his own music anymore? What. Come ON.

Suddenly... a Mick Foley appears!

Looks like this is about to be a brawl. Yep.

Okay, for the record, Sabu is pretty damn impressive in the ring.



Oh man, James. Very nice. I like James lending the help, that's not something you see. I mean the beer bottle thing, yeah, but him actually pushing AJ up the ladder and stuff... aw. I approve.

Oh heyyyyy what's Abyss doing to Jeff?! Weird camera angle is weird buuuut.... okay. It's actually kind of creepy. I don't think there is a They, I just think Abyss is flipping out. And this is kind of just annoying. Let's just... get to ReAction. I highly suspect I will fast-forward through most of this.

Awww Ink Inc! Missed these guys.

No, really, I'm so done with this Abyss/RVD thing. Seriously. I think it's just made more annoying by the fact the only reason they're doing this whole angle at ALL is because they couldn't AFFORD him anymore! Ugh.

Hey look, tag teams. Attention grabbed. Honestly, I'm pretty sure I don't even blink when Sabin is on my screen xD Aw that was too short-lived.

Awww Joe. He needs more mic time. I don't even care about the rest of this, it's just... horseshit about more horseshit.

Hahah omg these pictures of bb!Shan.

I think the "Player of the Week" is always my favorite part of ReAction. It doesn't really even matter who it is, I always sit and watch it. I just like the background look into these people, to see them as more than just wrestlers, but who they are as regular people. And that's cool.

I don't think I care about the rest of this.

So... on the whole... 'bout the same old shit we see every week. No better, but I guess not much worse either.

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