Monday, September 27, 2010

Ring of Honor!

Matches on tap for tonight's show:

* Tag team -- The Super Smash Brothers vs. Kings of Wrestling
* Women's -- Rachel Summerlyn vs. Daizee Haze
* Steve Corino vs. Unknown Purple Trunked Jobber, with Kevin Steen on commentary.
* Main Event -- Roddy Strong w/House of Truth vs. Christopher Daniels w/The Briscoe Brothers

First we recap last week's main event, Delirious vs. Austin Aries in the steel cage, which was pretty good. Aries tapped but then Kenny King and Rhett Titus came out and beat the heck out of poor Delirious. Can't wait to see how they follow that one up.

Aww yeah, the Super Smash Brothers. I loved them against the American Wolves the other week, that was a damn good match.

This is going to be gooooood. I can feel it. Also, Sara Del Ray, I just love that she's on my screen right now.

Chris Hero looks like the guy from Nickelback. Just had to point that out.

Claudio Castignoli with an impressive feat of strength, pickin' up Uno right off the floor.

Man, Dos is a bendy little dude, ain't he. Oh but a gorgeous moonsault by Hero... sorry Dos. You gave it a good try.

I love ROH's tag team division. It's just so... good. It's a joke in WWE and TNA's not much better anymore (but at least the Guns have the titles so I can't complain too much!) But there's roughly a billion really good, legit tag teams in ROH.

Shelt and Haas on my TV. This is the first time I've seen these guys since they left WWE. Shelton looks weird without the gold hair, but in a good way. I love him. Welcome back to my TV, you bastards!

Now... women's wrestling! Yay! LEGIT women's wrestling, even. Or so I hope. At least they're actually wrestling. And not having... singing contests or whatever.

Daizee is really... really skinny. But damn, look at her ARMS. I guess it's all muscle then. Never mind ladies, I approve.

An excellent show of actual women's wrestling!

Ohhhh god Daniels.

I am incoherent when Daniels is on my TV, I apologize in advance.

"We gon' take a page out of the Briscoe brothers book and whip you ais!"

I'm regretting not having watched this PPV because it looked really quite epic. Guess I learned my lesson. I'll catch the next one.

Yay, Kevin Steen! Don't ask me why I have such a thing for Kevin Steen right now. He's slightly insane... that's probably why. I'm so glad he's on the mic for this... this is epic. Hahaha oh man, let's... not put anything up Purple Trunk's ass. Okay but it was funny as hell, not gonna lie.

Haha oh man I think Steen and I just laughed exactly the same way at Purple Trunks failing at that off the second rope kick. So much lolz.

COLT CABANA. And Generico. But they scared away my Kevin Steen, for shame. He should be on the mic more. Why is he wearing a chair like a necklace, you aren't Flava Flav and that is not a clock.

Damn it, I love ROH. I want to go and throw crepe/toilet paper at people. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE IN DAYTON. I COULD AT LEAST TRY TO SWING COLUMBUS. Damn it.

Roderick, sweetie, you don't make a good heel. You're too cute and unassuming.

DANIELS. I can't take it. They just called him a false prophet. Hmm. Interesting.

This is my brain for this match "Omg Daniels. Nice shorts. I don't understand Christian Able's ring gear. Woah Briscoe. Omg Daniels. Shiny. Aww Roddy no. I don't understand the spiderwebs. Daniels NOOOOO. Ass. How about you shut your face, commentator. Oh Daniels. Fabulous moonsault. Tooo much information. DANIELS. What's that white thing? Daniels. Why does the House of Truth have such weird ring gear?! Crotched is a word? Redneck kung-fu lol. OOo more moonsault. Oh Daniels. I'm Truth Martini and I just threw myself out of the ring. YOU HAVE HIS TIGHTS THAT'S CHEATY. Oh geez."

Man, they got Daniels running the damn gauntlet, aren't they? I'd think they'd just... give him the damn title, but I guess I'm so used to TNA. RVD just waltzes in and back out with the belt. I'm sure he'll get it eventually, he's too good not too.

On the whole, good show. Loved Kevin Steen on the mic. That was too good.

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