Monday, September 27, 2010

RAW is... something

I don't know what RAW is. I'm not sure RAW even know what RAW is. 

I love how Miz is all "I DID NOT TAP OUT." Yeah honey, you kinda did. But I can NOT get over this Miz/DBBD feud. I love it. I have no idea why that is, but it's great. I guess it's because it's a feud I haven't seen 9000 times already? That's probably why.

Oh good, let's start out with Miz. I'm good with this. I want to know why Alex Riley is the only NXT2 rookie who got to stay. You know who I miss? Husky Harris.

I don't care what you have to say about him, you HAVE to agree that Miz is pretty f**king spectacular on the mic.

I also love that DBBD's entrance music. That is so perfect. Ride of the goddamn Valkyries.

OH SHIT. Oh man. Morrison. It has to be Morrison. Oh man. This is so good I have to pee.

Some of those kicks from JoMo look a little stiff.

I wish Miz and Morrison would feud. They had a teeny little baby feud last year for Bragging Rights, but... I want to see some more.

Ooo Miz is going to kick some more ass. AHHH THIS IS SO GOOD. I don't know why Jomo is getting involved but I don't really care. If it gives me a Miz/Morrison feud....

Oh god I hate this stupid anonymous GM. I think they've officially overused the Deus ex Machina GM angle.

HOLYCRAP. Threeway for the US. Submission counts anywhere. Jomo, DBBD and Miz. Holy. Crap.

Okay let's not shill for Nickelback please? (I typed Nickelbag first, is that a Freudian slip?)

Now some BS Divas match, god forbid the women actually WRESTLE. Why is Laycool on commentary, I think my eardrums may bleed if this lasts too much longer.

HOLY CRAP, WAY TO GO NATALYA. Awesome. Score one for badass women everywhere!

So... wait. Edge is having the deux ex machina GM on his show? Is he just going to be talking to the computer? Or shouting to the heavens? Can we PLEASE just put this thing to BED already?

Teddy's got a stalker.

I like your Celtic folktales, Sheamus. I wonder if it's really true. How come nobody ever realizes that when you issue an open challenge to the whole locker room, Khali ALWAYS comes out? Seriously. Nobody should even be surprised. Wow Sheamus is actually... bringing it to Khali. That's a surprise, I mean, the only reason Khali is even on the roster is to walk out and slam people when they issue open challenges.

Also, wow, bright red handprint on Sheamus's chest. That's... wow.

This has the potential to be either really stupid or really funny.

Anonymous DEM GM now has voice and it is no less annoying. So far this is really stupid. At least Edge realizes how absurd it is.

Cena? Really?

Cole, why you gotta bring up LeBron? Don't do that.

WOAHHH Edge just beat JOHN CENA. WOW. Oh. Jay kay. Should've known better than that. Yeahhh that's more like normal. I mean... John Cena can't lose, ever? Edge is about to go postal on that computer, I hope.

Good. =D

Oh no he's bleedin' stop the show.

Aww Jericho. I wish I knew what was going on with him. I'm gonna be sad if... when he leaves. =/

D'awwww it's Evan! How will he job this week?

I wish WWE took their tag team division more seriously. I'm so tired of them being just like "Hey! Let's put this guy and that guy together! Bam! They're a tag team!" The only like... actual legit tag teams are the Hart Dynasty... the Usos... and the Dudebusters. Two random guys thrown together does NOT a tag team make.

Oh look. Evan jobbed again. And now they're beating the shit out of him. -____- WHY is it necessary to beat him up all the time? Who'd he piss off in the back office?

Alright, tired of Nexus. Nobody else cars. They aren't even getting any HEAT.

Speaking of tag teams. Granted, DrewMac and Cody are a very pretty tag team. Maybe even the PRETTIEST tag team, but they didn't fight together before, what was it, Night of Champions and now suddenly they're the champs. You're doing it wrong, WWE.

Oh god, Johnny Knoxville. Don't even talk to me about Jackass 3D. Why is that even necessary in life.

Hahah oh man Cody has a mirror on the back of his jacket. That's so absurd it's hilarious.

I gotta start watching Smackdown again. I miss ogling DrewMac every week.

Oh my god, Michael Cole, you are obnoxious.

Oh hey what's this? The Harts are having some issues? Hmm. Is Davey having a heel turn?

My attention is waning drastically, just FYI. I love Jericho on the mic though. That's always good. Hahah nice commercial break.

I love it when Orton vipers out. It's pretty much one of my favorite things ever. Not even just as far as wrestling is concerned. Ever, period.

GAAASP he punted Jericho. Holyyyyyyy. Heel turn? HEEL TURN? Heel!Viper is so much better than Face!Viper. Probably not a heel turn yet, he still has to fight Sheamus.

Well... that was... okay. I don't like that he punted Jericho, that's not very nice. Anyway... yep. Mostly boring, as always. 

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