Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rumor Mill 8/10 - 8/17

Sorry I missed last week. I don't really have any excuse at all; I'm even doing this week's with the pain of having had my wisdom teeth out five days ago and under no Vicodin whatsoever, so.

Anyhoo, you're here for the news.


WWE (just now?) registers the phrases "future endeavor", "future endeavored" and "Mr. Future Endeavor." So I guess that means anytime we say that so-and-so was future endeavored, we owe Vince McMahon a quarter. Also, I feel really bad for whoever "Mr. Future Endeavor" is or will be.

In "Barely wrestling related but nevertheless... ew" news, Brook Hogan posed nude for PETA and her photos were unveiled earlier this week, and her doting father the Hulkster was there to... be creepy. Here's one of Brook's PETA pics... here's Hulk... being creepy. Brooke Hogan takes to Twitter (natch) to defend her father's totally, like, not creepiness... whatever. *huff*

Former TNA and ROH tag team Generation Me/The Young Bucks received a WWE tryout recently. With the almost certain addition of KOW, it seems like WWE might have finally realized that the tag team division is a real actual thing that people like and want to see more of. If they'd only have the same realization about the women's division... but anyway... *ahem*

Wow, that didn't take long -- Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine was suspended for violating WWE's Wellness Policy. WWE hasn't confirmed this yet. Ref Mike Chioda has also been suspended for violating the Wellness Policy. This one at least been confirmed.

Melina is still working after her recent release from the 'E. She's main-eventing in Union City, NJ-based indie promotion WSU in a match against Serena coming up in November. If you're in the area, it might be something to check out. Hit for more info. It's also available online if you're not in the area.

Gail Kim speaks out (way out) following her... um... departure from WWE, via Twitter, as so many seem to do. She makes an excellent point.

There's been buzz that the reason our favorite addled Hardy brothers haven't been on TV is because TNA wants them to go through rehab... and they refuse. Matt says -- of course -- this is not true. He says he's "ecstatic" about the place that they're in. For the record, Jeff hasn't been on TV since May 13th, since he showed up at the Victory Road PPV in no condition to work, and Matt has been gone since June, when he announced he was "taking time off"... which was later revealed to be a suspension. Boys. Believe me when I say this and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but we love you and we want you to be okay. We want you to get better. We do not want you to be a sad footnote in the history of wrestling. We don't want you to end up like He Who Shall Not Be Named And I Do Not Mean Voldemort.

Former diva Terri Runnels is suing ex-lover and former wrestler New Jack (aka Jerome Young) for libel, claiming he's spreading slurs about her around the internet and peddling sexually explicit pictures of her. I saw this on the front page of today. Wrestling... is serious news business, guys. Yeah.

Former WWE star Jimmy Wang Yang claims he has not yet been paid for a TNA appearance some weeks ago... because a check from them bounced. I'm not going to sit here and say it's true or not, but I do find it inherently hilarious if it is. I mean, that their check bounced, not that Jimmy isn't getting paid, because that's not cool, yo. As of yesterday the 16th, he claims he has received no compensation. TNA, you need to get your stuff together.

A security officer is claiming that WWE star Heath Slater (...really?) assaulted her back during Wrestlemania weekend in Georgia. Heath Slater, really? It's always the ones you don't expect, I guess. This was reported almost a week ago, no updates since.

Linda McMahon may run for Senate again; she will announce her decision by the end of September. Does this mean WWE is going to go back to being PG? I kind of liked this "Hey, it's okay, we're going to say 'ass' and 'bitch' and stuff, it's cool." thing they had going.

Rumors are a-flyin' that TNA's own Samoa Joe is seriously looking to join WWE when his TNA contract runs up in a few months. He even has a ringing endorsement from Steve Austin himself. Part of me thinks that this would be awwwweeeesoooommmmmeeee but the other part of me thinks that they'd just midcard him and make him like Mark Henry. And he and his talents and his wicked enziguiri would be utterly wasted.

Randy Orton hugging Barney the Dinosaur; your arguments -- all your arguments ever, for that matter -- are invalid.

And. For all of you out there with blogs, who write, who write your asses off and love it, love the writing, love the sport... a pro-wrestling columnist has been hired by WWE creative. It happens. That's all I'm saying. Congratulations Kevin Eck, you are living the dream for all of us.

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