Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rumor Mill 12/1 to 12/8

Lake Effect Snow edition.

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What's news this week?

As always starting this episode of the Rumor Mill with "What's Jeff Hardy doing now?" Rumor has it he showed up to the Final Resolution ppv in "no condition to work", which I think is probably a euphemism for being stoned and/or drunk off his ass. They considered pulling him from the show, stripping him of his title and making the main event a three-way with Jeff Jarrett, Matt Morgan and Ken Anderson. As we all know, the show went on as planned and damage control announced Jeff was merely suffering from exhaustion due to the rigorous travel schedule. If it was anyone else, I would probably believe it.

Supplemental "What's Jeff Hardy doing now?": He goes back to court today for the 439234th time.

Released this week, we have MVP from WWE, Hamada from TNA (who was still the KO co-Tag Team Title holder, just in case y'all forgot) and a potential loss of Samoa Joe, whose contract ran out this past week. Word's going around that he has re-signed. We shall see.

In shoot feuds this week, Shane "Hurricane" Helms went off on a tangent about Shawn Michaels in his weekly web show, calling him the biggest hypocrite in the business and one of the biggest drug users. The webshow can be watched here. HBK has since responded to these allegations by not responding to them. Excellent PR move. Very classy. (And not sarcasm-classy. Legit class.)

Injury report: Goldust requires surgery on his shoulder which could take him out of action for as long as six months.  Tara tore a ligament in her elbow during a recent TNA taping. Surgery is not required but she may be out a few weeks as a result. Randy Orton is supposedly suffering from a "strained neck" and has been pulled from all WWE house shows. He's had an MRI done on his neck, but the injury is not said to be terribly serious and he shouldn't miss any tapings because of it. Stevie Richards was recently in the hospital getting his elbow drained, but is not expected to miss any time.

TNA's recent overseas tour in Abu Dhabi pulled horrible numbers, garnering less than 400 people per show. Tickets were rumored to be about $200 for some of these shows, and the ring was not very sturdy.

And finally, Tyler Black or whatever his name is now made his WWE debut, losing in a dark match to Cody Rhodes.

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