Sunday, May 18, 2014

AIW's JT Lightning Invitational Tournament and why you need to be there

This coming weekend, May 23rd and 24th, marks the third annual JT Lightning Invitational Wrestling Extravaganza which is not quite its official name but in all honesty it probably should be. It's two (two!) days of wrestling amazingness smack in the middle of Cleveland with afterparties and a Fan Fest on day two and everybody's staying in the same hotel -- that means you AND the wrestlers, should you decide to book said hotel -- and I haven't even told you about the matches yet.

The JLIT, as it's affectionately known, is (mainly) a bracketed series of matches where the winner gets a title shot (at the show) with a couple of other matches thrown in for shits and grins. Because what's AIW without shits and grins, am I right?

Here's just a couple of the opening bracket matches announced for Day One (which starts at 7:30, like any other regular AIW show):
  • Danny Havoc vs. Ultramantis Black (holy fucking shit on a stick)
  • Sonjay Dutt vs. Davey Vega (are you fucking serious?)
  • Heidi Lovelace vs. Rickey Shane Page (intergender matches whaaaaaat)
  • Jimmy Jacobs vs. Eric Ryan (you have to be fucking with me now)
  • Veda Scott vs. #AllEgo Ethan Page (MORE intergender matches!)
Not to mention an Absolute Title match with title holder Michael Elgin vs. Eddie Kingston. Also appearing in the bracket are: Tim Donst, Buff Bagwell, Matt Cross, Marion Fontaine, Louis Lyndon, Flip Kendrick, John Prohibition, and BJ Motherfucking Whitmer who you might recall just broke his fucking neck wrestling not all that long ago

Day Two (which starts at 6pm and is preceded by a Fan Fest at 3pm) will have the final matches of the bracket and

are you ready for this

no you aren't don't even lie

It's Chris Sabin vs. Johnny Gargano

Yeah. That Chris Sabin. One half of the Motor City Machine Guns, former TNA X-Division, heavyweight and tag team champion.

Versus Johnny Gargano.

Can you even? No, no you can't.

Now, if you've been following Johnny on Twitter, you've probably heard he's had to cancel a couple of appearances due to a minor jaw fracture. He hasn't said anything about being unable to make it to JLIT so let's all just cross our fingers and hope he's healed up by this Saturday.

And even if he doesn't make it, we still get to see CHRIS MOTHERFUCKING SABIN live in action, so there is that.

Also happening at the show:

  • Greg Iron open challenge!
  • He might fight a fan!
  • He will probably also continue to be creepy at Veda Scott!
  • Fan Fest! What's at Fan Fest? I don't know! Come find out!
  • Afterparties at the Tavern on Biddulph both nights!
  • Hotel parties with wrestlers? Maybe! 
  • Surprises!
  • Probable chaos!
  • The last two JLITs have had engagements, perhaps there will be a third! That's adorable!
  • Other additional shenanigans!
So yeah, you should probably be at this show or you will hate yourself forever and be resigned to buying the DVD which won't be the same.


Tickets are $20 per night individually or you can purchase both nights for $40 with a free Fan Fest ticket kicked in. (Otherwise the Fan Fest is an additional $5.) Doors open about an hour before the show starts and seats are general admission/first-come first-serve. 

The official JLIT hotel is America's Best Value Inn - Cleveland Airport on Brookpark Rd. Call them at 216-267-2350 to reserve a room and make sure to mention Absolute Intense Wrestling to get their special rate, which is $64 and some change with tax.

Coming from out of town and have no idea what to do when you aren't at the wrestling?
Do you like food? There's Melt Bar and Grilled or the West Side Market, which is pretty bad ass!
Do you like to enrich your brain? Try our Museum of Natural History or our Art Museum, which is free!
Are you a hipster and/or a hippie? Visit Coventry! They have a bunch of cool shops and also a delicious restaurant called Tommy's! It's vegan/vegetarian/gluten-sensitive friendly! But they also have cheeseburgers! 
Want to go shopping but you don't want to deal with hippies and/or hipsters? Try Tower City! It's a very nice mall with a cool fountain in the middle and also a movie theatre, so you can see Godzilla or the new X-Men movie! Plus it's underneath the Terminal Tower, which is our badass flagship skyscraper. (Shut up, we only have a couple, don't judge us.)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Leave me a comment or tweet me @FindAStone.

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